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My artwork is an exploration of digital montage, paper collage and photography focusing on psychology, social commentary and humorous disruptions of original and found imagery. I've been Influenced by Surrealism, Feminism, and The Pictures Generation. My work is primarily figurative with an oblique narrative that is satirical, irreverent, and playful. I have exhibited my work nationally and abroad, and has shown widely in the Boulder/Denver area. 

Paula Gillen Email: info@paulagillen.net 

Cell: 917-693-4534  

"Paula is part of the Pictures Generation of artists, whose approach to art was shaped by the appropriation of media and advertising imagery. In her art practice, she mimics the techniques and content of media imagery but subverts the message by restaging the elements so her works have new social and political interpretations. Her influences are linked to a few different post-modern trajectories of art history, such as concept art, identity art, and feminist art." - Curator Stephanie Browne